A “Top 50” blog?

Excuse me if I puff out my chest a bit, but I just got some fantastic news. Andreas, who writes the “London Cyclist” blog, put together a list of the Top 50 biking blogs in the world — and Bike Noob is number 50!

The rankings are based on Google Pagerank, Twitter Rank, Alexa Rank, number of comments and Technorati Authority. Maybe I’ll have to set up a Bike Noob Twitter account.

I regularly read a number of the blogs on the list, but there are a lot more to sample, and I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks for the nod, Andreas!

5 thoughts on “A “Top 50” blog?

  1. Very nice! There are some awesome blogs in that list, yours included, and you should be proud.

    As an aside, I thought #40, Dave Moulton’s Bike Blog, was defunct. Turns out he’s still blogging! Adding it back to Google Reader….

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