You know you are way into cycling when:



  • You see someone riding a bike and immediately look at their pedaling cadence.
  • You spend more on a piece of bike clothing than on regular clothing.
  • You know how to pronounce peloton, allez, Merckx and Hinault.
  • You are familiar with Scott, Jamis, Pinarello and Orbea.
  • You spell none: N-u-u-n.
  • The term “shot block” is not a reference to basketball but something you eat.
  • You and your friends debate the best way to drink from a water bottle.
  • You hate the wind.
  • To you “bonk” is a dirty word.
  • Your bike is worth more than your car.
  • You ride your bike more miles than you drive your car.
  • Riding 90 miles with 5,100 ft of climbing sounds appealing.
  • Your bike has its own room in your house.
  • You sneak in your latest biking purchase so your spouse does not know.
  • Your wardrobe of cycling gear expands from one drawer to two drawers to a closet.
  • Your cycling tan causes you to get odd looks at the beach.
  • You are at your LBS so often that they let you stay in after closing.
  • You feel lost when your bike is at the shop for maintenance.
  • The round-trip distance you drive to a group ride is farther than the ride itself.
  • You get up at the crack of dawn to watch live the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España.

Anyone want to add some more?

15 thoughts on “You know you are way into cycling when:

  1. – You are doing an outside activity and a peloton rides by and half of them wave at you as they pass

    – You get a compliment on your sprinting from one of the elite riders

    – The folks at the LBS tell you that you do a much better job at chain and cassette cleaning than they ever will

    – You count your riding milestones for the year by units of 1000s (1000 miles, 2000 miles, 3000 miles, etc)

    I am pretty sure I can come up with a bunch more:)

  2. – You are driving in your car with your spouse. The upcoming light turns red and you turn to your wife and yell: “Light! Stopping”

    – Your bike is at the shop for repairs. You show up at your group’s beginner ride on your mountain bike and you lead the group.

    – You can answer the question of: “how many miles have you ridden this year?” without even thinking about it

    • – While driving, when a car approaches from a side street, you call out, “Car right!”

      – After doing bike maintenance, you spray citrus degreaser on your hands to clean them — because you like the smell.

  3. Ok, here are a few more…

    – you pass your wife in the hall and say “on your left.”

    – you can identify most riders in town by their kit

    – you never take your helmet, shoes, or pump out of your car.

    – your DVR has Tour de France stages that date back more than two years. No way I’d erase those puppies!

  4. – Your cycle clothing, ie caps, jackets, socks, becomes part of your regular wardrobe.
    – You drop by your LBS just to say hi to the staff and they stop what they’re doing to chat.

  5. “You ride your bike more miles than you drive your car.”

    “The round-trip distance you drive to a group ride is farther than the ride itself.”

    oh, the dissonance!!

  6. Any posting on Facebook/Twitter inevitably and inexplicably turns cycling-related. Example:

    You: I had the biggest brisket sandwich for lunch. My stomach is not feeling the greatest.
    Friend: Sucks to hear that, when you riding?

  7. This happened today:

    You get unexpected babysitting and immediately see how far you and what route you can finish in the allotted time.

  8. You start to resemble a scrawny 97-pound weakling more than a chiseled gym dude, and actually think you’re getting into “great” shape.

  9. An attractive member of the opposite sex goes by on a bike, and you have no idea what they look like but you know what bike they’re riding and have diagnosed 2 minor maintenance issues.

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